Monday, October 15, 2007

Bush, Lies, Telecoms and Immunity

Bush's recent attempt to get retroactive immunity for America's phone companies so that they might continue to cooperate when his administration spies on unsuspecting, law-abiding Americans begs an obvious question.

And now, here comes the other shoe: it looks like one reason Bush has been going out on a limb for these companies is because he needs their cooperation if he's going to avoid being caught in yet another lie, specifically his claim that his illegal spying program was justified in response to 9/11 (his long-abused excuse for many extra-constitutional activities). But, as it turns out, Bush's illegal wiretapping began long before 9/11. So, there goes that pretext.

This administration is seeming more Nixonian by the moment.
It's a pretty sad state of affairs to consider that a class-A douchebag like Nacchio could conceivably be wearing the white hat in this case, and given that he's looking at a long stretch in the Big House, I imagine he feels like he'll say anything to stave that off. But what's even sadder is that Nacchio may be telling the truth.


sravana said...

wow. Nothing like Pluto in Capricorn to consolidate the push to the right.

I hope the Dems grow some spine, but frankly, I have no hopes that they will.

alice said...