Friday, October 19, 2007

AP confirms Comcast is crippling indiscriminately

Maybe Comcast can get away with data discrimination while they're the only show in town, but as soon as people have another option -- especially if that option pledges net neutrality -- Comcast could start to feel pretty lonesome. (via americablog)

UPDATE: shame on Comcast!


fletch said...

Comcast discriminates in other ways also. In the Jacksonville, FL market where I'm at now Comcast offers almost 100 TV channels, but missing is MSNBC, meaning this entire region isn't getting Keith Olbermann's perspective on things, ie. the truth. It's not like MSNBC is not watched with Countdown besting O'Reilly in critical age markets. Also MSNBC has their fair share of what I call "hate light" programming with Scarborough and Carlson and to some degree Matthews. There might be many reasons why MSNBC is not carried by Comcast, but I'm guessing Countdown is the real reason. Alas, my only source of news now on the teevee is the Daily Show which they do carry here.

alice said...

Ouch! MSNBC is my goto 24-hour news channel! I don't know if I could survive the winter! Oh, that's right, you have the beautiful scenery, and the beach! I think you'll survive... ;-D

fletch said...

Oh yeah, their internet service sucks bad compared to lil' ole Charter up in the Tennessee hills. I guess I'll have to spend more time on the beach.

alice said...

And what a shame that would be, eh? ;)

I'll look forward to lots of photos this winter!