Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Wedding Gown Project

This all started at some point this summer when I ran upon this article in It's all about brides who take "trash the dress" pictures after their ridiculously expensive weddings (and sometimes wearing unbelievably expensive designer dresses). I really enjoyed the photography (there's a blog at, and shared the article and info with Emmie. Well, over the summer, we got to thinking... why wait for a wedding? Why not just get a throwaway dress and have fun with the photography right away?

So, we paid a visit to Goodwill, and found a really cool wedding dress for only $50 (small price to pay for a fun photography project!). And our plan was to go scout out cool locations and take some photos, maybe even taking turns wearing the dress and being photographer. But (the plot thickens) on that very evening, a friend (who I'd told about the project) called to tell me that she'd found a wedding dress in her closet -- she thought she'd given it to Goodwill, but there it was, and I could have it. So, all of a sudden, we had two wedding dresses (think of the possibilities!)!

Ah, but then if we're both wearing the dresses, who's going to take the photos? This is where Fletch enters the picture. He brings another camera, and lots of enthusiasm and energy to the project. We all got together this afternoon for our inaugural photo shoot and had tons of fun and a hilarious time playing with our two gowns and three cameras (with a dog thrown in on occasion!).

(btw, if anyone out there would like to join in the project, or if you have old wedding attire that you'd like to contribute (we only have one veil at this point, and it might be fun to throw a tux into the mix...), please feel free to contact me!)

UPDATE: more here!

(Photos by Fletch)


sravana said...

Oh, now *this* interests me!! :D

Can't wait for photos!

Keera Ann Fox said...

I looked at your (Fletch's) photos and thought "I don't get it". So I went and looked at the trashthedress blog. That I got: It's not about destroying the dress, it's about some very unusual and unique wedding photos (where you risk ruining the dress) because _the groom_ is in the picture, too. And what brilliant photographic art many of those pics are!

I think you misunderstood the assignment. Go get yer DH and put him in a tux - and the picture. Then turn the hose on. :-)

alice said...

Well, that may be the point of the trash the dress photography (though I think even then, the groom is a very optional accessory), but that's why I changed the name for our effort -- because our project is not quite that. I hesitate to put it into words, though, because it's still evolving, but it's more a commentary on how ridiculous weddings have become -- if you look at the wedding industry, they're all about frantic consumption, a long string of ham-fisted, compulsory "traditions," and what has become an unbelievably narcissistic bride, than they are about the celebration of a couple's union.

But we're just starting out, so both our intentions and the way we are executing the project are still be very much in the developing stages (we might very well end up just amusing ourselves).

Hoto said...

lol looks like a wedding wet t-shirt contest. you had fun !!!

HPNA Member said...

Dear Neighbor,

We here at the neighborhood association have heard about strange goings-on within the confines of our dear beloved 'hood. Here in The HP, we are not zoned for Matrimonial Art Desicration projects. Please fill out the correct forms with the zoning office and submit for approval.

Also, please stop posting your Hillbilly Hoe Down photos as they may misrepresent households on Duncan Ave. No Hoe Down on Duncan--the Hos' down on Main.

HPNA Member said...

Um...we're OK with poor spelling skills though. It's the outrage that counts.


alice said...

That's what you get for using those big, fancy words you prolly learned up about in college.