Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Republican Sex Scandal Per Day?

(And more on the way.) Seriously. How quickly can this party implode? The really sad thing is that the people making news lately are so incredibly pathetic.

First, there's yet another self-hating homosexual Republican party operative, involved in an apparent double murder-suicide. You know, you Republicans may win a few elections with your gay-baiting and homosexual-hating, but you're also ruining actual lives in the process. People are so brainwashed by your homophobia that they will never be able to accept who they really are, and end up humiliating themselves in public bathroom stalls, by preying on kids, with hookers and drugs, in public parks, and by sexually assaulting sleeping men -- when they might instead be forming healthy relationships. Do you really think a few elections are worth all that pain and hate?

And second, yet another Republican operative has been found to be a pervert who abused little girls, and his fellow Republicans did nothing to stop him. He finally stopped himself, after being caught, by eating some CO2.

How many more souls have to suffer and die before more people question the values promoted by the Republican party -- both explicitly and implicitly?

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