Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Food Photo

This is the roasted quail stuffed with zucchini, mushrooms and bacon, served with gouda grits at St. John's Meeting Place (I took this picture when we were there last weekend as part of G-Dog's birthday celebration).


davidm. said...

I've had this and will attest to its deliciousness. With each bite, you can taste the various layers. I love that restaurant.

Buck said...

You're pickin' on me!

I have had my healthy choice Panini for lunch and dinner tonight is going to consist of watching Applebee's commercials on television and drinking water.

To hell with the television commercials. I'll just sit and stare at this picture until I go to bed ;-)

alice said...

Buck, I was thinking of you as I hit "publish" -- in fact, I almost titled it "this one's for Buck," but didn't want you to feel persecuted... ;-D