Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Eternal Sunset

Here's the scoop from (where the first sunset I encountered was from Haugesund, Norway):
Eternal Sunset endeavours to ensure you can enjoy the sunset live from any location, at any time. As the sunset moves westward, Eternal Sunset continuously tunes into different webcams, chasing the sunset around the globe. This service is currently provided through the use of 252 west-facing webcams across 47 countries.
(via halfpintpixie)


fletch said...

Very cool. My first pic was Key West which is famous for sunsets. How long before we see eternal sunrises? The domain isn't registered yet...hmmmm.

alice said...

I hit it again after seeing your comment and I got Key West, too. Then I noticed that Anna Maria was an option and clicked over to that -- that's where I took a lot of my beach photos this summer!

Key West is having a very nice sunset tonight, but Anna Maria is a bit too hazy to see much...

It's quite the addicting site. I watched it for a while this afternoon as the dark approached the Atlantic Ocean. I was curious to see what happened when the only sunset was over the sea. But there wasn't a break in images. The site went from Norway, Iceland and the Canary Islands, which together closed out the European sunsets, right to some images from eastern Brazil (they were perhaps a little well-lit when we first cut to them, but still close enough to sunset for it to count).

I hope you do snatch up the domain -- a webcam is about the only way I'm ever going to get to see a sunRISE. I'm SO not a morning person!

Buck said...

Dang. By the time I got to it the account had been suspended. I guess I will have to limit myself to one sunset per day ;-)

alice said...

Yeah. I noticed that when I went to see an asian sunset this morning. But I think it was a hiccup because the site's already back up!