Tuesday, September 4, 2007

EPB Fiber to the Home

I opened my power bill today and found a letter to EPB customers about their Fiber to the Home plan. Now that the EPB board has voted on the plan, the next big step is going to be to take it to the Chattanooga City Council, which will happen soon.

As I understand the process, the City Council will either vote to go ahead and do it, or they will put it to a referendum. If they push it off to a referendum, it will take at least two years for this to happen -- which means that everyone needs to get out in front of this issue and talk to your representatives on the City Council right away.

Fiber to the Home is going to be good for Chattanooga in a lot of ways -- it will bring much needed competition to Chattanooga's broadband market, and could potentially bring a LOT of jobs to the area. We need this to happen ASAP, so get busy, kids!

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