Saturday, September 29, 2007

Culture Fest

Well, I made it out to Chattanooga's Culture Fest on Saturday afternoon (so did Emmie and Fletch). It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I rode my bike over to Coolidge Park instead of driving (it's too hard to find a parking space over there these days anyway). And being on just two wheels gave me the opportunity to take a ride over the Walnut Street Bridge, which is where I took this first photo, looking over the Tennessee River toward the bluff.

There were lots of performances all afternoon. Here are some belly dancers flouncing their ruffles.

And can you believe that here we are, the last Saturday in September, almost a week since the autumnal equinox, and just two days from October, and it was still hot enough to play in the water?


Keera Ann Fox said...

Great pics!

Sounds like you guys are in for the same Indian summer we had last year, with summer temps through September, one or two weeks of hectic leaf shedding and then three months of rain and nothing but. I don't wish upon you that rain!

alice said...

Go ahead and wish! We're in such a drought at this point, too much rain is about the only thing that will ever get us caught up!

Sadly, our incredibly dry summer, which is continuing into the autumn, will probably rob our area of our usual stunning fall colors. The leaves will simply fall, without the technicolor treat...