Thursday, September 13, 2007

Couric on Script?

I thought this tidbit was amusing, especially given that I only just spent some of my Tuesday morning watching the NBC coverage from 9/11:
CBS would like to think that Katie's shitty ratings are because the audience doesn't get it. [Think Progress]
You know, Matt Lauer doesn't always come off as the sharpest knife in the drawer (he can be something of a himbo), but put him down next to Katie Couric, and he's transformed into a rocket scientist. During the 9/11 coverage, moments after the second plane hit the second tower, Katie was mumbling something about not knowing what was going on, and Matt cogently offered, "clearly the United States is under attack" (or some such observation).

I'm still trying to figure out why anyone thought she would be a credible news anchor. But maybe it is because she's willing to follow the script.

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