Wednesday, September 26, 2007

About the New Hampshire Debate Tonight...

After listening to Hillary say for over a year now that if she knew then what she knows now, she would not have voted to give Bush the authorization to go into Iraq, I am shocked -- seriously stunned -- to hear that she voted in favor of the Lieberman-Kyl Iran vote.

WTF, mate?

I'd love to see a woman become president, but this is not the woman.

(Come on, Al -- you're the only one who can stop her!)

UPDATE: more on the Lieberman-Kyl amendment here (along with some information about Tennessee's embarrassing senatorial delegation). And you can read the text of the amendment here.


sandy on signal said...

I am sick of Hillary. Here is what Sen. Chris Dodd said yesterday:

"I cannot support the Kyl-Lieberman amendment on Iran. To do so could give this President a green light to act recklessly and endanger US national security. We learned in the run up to the Iraq war that seemingly nonbinding language passed by this Senate can have profound consequences. We need the president to use robust diplomacy to address concerns with Iran, not the language in this amendment that the president can point to if he decides to draw this country into another disastrous war of choice. We shouldn't repeat our mistakes and enable this president again."

How come Dodd and Biden can see into this, but Clinton cannot? Her lame excuse the last time she did this (especially since she is on the Armed Services Committee) galls me to no end. I wasn't privy to the information back then, but I knew we were headed to war in Iraq, so did 400+ Chattanoogans who showed up months before to protest the war.

Hillary is a hawk and beholden to certain special interests. She doesn't give a damn about the base or anyone who cannot contribute bucks to her campaign. She is the GOP's only hope that is why they give her so much time and the perception she is loved by the Democrats. It is absolute bull***t.

One more thing, Hillary supporters suck too.

davidm. said...

I watch the news cycle every week and the likelihood of a Clinton nomination scares the bejesus out of me. For one as Sandy points out, she is a hawk in sheep's clothing. I don't trust her. And her voice makes me nauseous.

Second, I'm not a huge fan of her husband.

Third, her nomination will bring Conservatives out to the polls in droves. The GOP frontrunners are horrible. And her nomination could lead to a GOP victory in '08.

BTW, the original amendment is not the one that passed. Paragraphs 3/4 were marked out. WTF is Lamar Alexander doing co-sponsoring this one?

alice said...

Thanks, David. I've been reading the amendment.