Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the homefront...

Well, it's been a busy week and I haven't been keeping up with things very well around here. Last week I mentioned a bit of chaos in the back yard, but never got around to the story. To keep it short, we spent several days last week puzzling though a plumbing problem in our early 20th-century house. The resolution finally arrived on Friday (along with a backhoe) when a couple of guys dug up one side of the backyard and replaced a 93-year-old clay pipe. Now that the job's done, the back yard will need some TLC, but that will have to wait until cooler temps arrive (hopefully soon!).

Then, at the beginning of this week, we had some visitors who came all the way from upstate New York. We enjoyed a great couple of days frolicking in Chattanooga, taking in (among other things), Rock City (which is where I took this week's WW photo) and the Tennessee Aquarium:

[btw, since school has already started for the year in Chattanooga, we had both attractions nearly to ourselves. There was only one group at Rock City (a few dozen blind people rolled up in a couple of vans with Louisiana tags just as we arrived) and there were no groups at all at the Aquarium -- just a smattering of tourists. These first few weeks of the school year apparently provide a great opportunity for us locals to see the cool stuff in town without the huge crowds.]

And here we are, almost to another weekend! Time just zings past us lately! We're looking forward to getting some relief from the heat and dry weather, though, so the Labor Day weekend should be a good one!

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