Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jerry and Stevie Ray

Joe posted a reminder today that Jerry Garcia both came to us and left us during the early days of August. I've never heard the term "Jerry Days" before, but it works for me!

In a way, August is bookended with music tragedies, as it is also the month in which we lost Stevie Ray Vaughan in a horrible helicopter crash -- he shares a birthday with my daughter (October 3rd) and died on my brother's birthday (August 27th). Jerry and Stevie are joined by John Lennon on the list of musicians whose deaths were so shocking and horrifying that I will always remember where I was when I learned that they were gone.

I sure am glad they were here, though.


Paige said...

fabulous pic of Jerry!

alice said...

Isn't it a good one? I wish I could credit both images, but I didn't keep track of my sources like I should have. I'll see if a google image search turns up anything and add the proper attributions asap.