Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In the news...

Two years ago today, we lost a US city, and were reminded of why people who do not believe in government (and aren't gay! Really! They're NOT gay!) should not be allowed to run our government.

Also, President AWOL McFlightsuit wants to flush another $50 billion into the hands of Dick (who apparently sometimes calls himself "Philip Atkinson") Cheney and his friends at at Halliburton (these are the people who tell us we have nothing to fear but absolutely everything).

And then there's this:
[N]ew census figures that show the number of people without health insurance increased by 2.2 million in 2006 to a grand total of 47 million. In terms of the overall population, 15.8 percent of people lacked insurance, which is the highest level since 1998. At a time when President Bush is in a fight with Congress over health insurance for children, the LAT points out the number of uninsured children grew by 600,000.
Folks, we can't wait. This lame duck is a greater disaster for this country with every passing day. Men, women and children continue to be killed and permanently maimed and the draft-dodging Decider refuses to do anything to stop it.


ps. Dear Democrats: I'm still waiting for you to do something. Anything!


joe lance said...

I don't think the Democrats are brave enough to do anything that they think might hurt their re-election chances. They'll gripe a lot, but action is out of the question.

alice said...

Joe, I'm terrified that you might be right.

davidm. said...

The situation in D.C. is almost laughable. Last time I checked, Democrats control both houses of Congress, they control the legislative agenda, they control the purse, they control the means of impeachment. But they do an absolutely wretched job of spinning the mainstream media's narrative on anything. It's almost like the 06 elections didn't occur.

A few things need to happen. First, both Pelosi and Reid need to step down. Second, the DNC needs to hire PR consultants to unify their message. They have to stop playing into the GOP's hands on every single issue. Third, they need to stop worrying about 2008 and start worrying about 2007. (The only way Dems stand a chance of losing the White House next year is nominating Clinton.) If they did these 3 things, they would start getting Republican support on impeachment, Iraq, global warming and health care.