Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Weekend Disappeared!

I'm not sure where time is running off to lately. The weekend absolutely whizzed by in a blur of activity that, while not exciting in a "guess what I did this weekend" kind of way*, was enjoyable and productive. We...
  1. worked on the house. We now have updated audio and video in the living room!
  2. cooked good food. Grilled chicken one night, tortellini on another, and big Breakfast this morning! Life is too short to eat boring food.
  3. ate out. While the food at Aretha Frankensteins is great (mad props to the kitchen staff), they really do have absolutely the worst. service. ever. We had to beg for someone to take our order, beg for the check and we did a hell of lot of waiting between events. But the Italian omelette and Philly cheese steak were quite good. It's too bad we can't skip right to the good food, or we'd probably go more often.
  4. enjoyed the company of a few good friends.
  5. note: there was no Harry Potter, except for the few snippets of reportage on Pottermania that couldn't be avoided while watching the weekend's news programs.
*Emmie, on the other hand, had a very exciting weekend, so if you want drama, energy, big thoughts and entertainment, jump over to her blog for a bit of reading.

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