Thursday, July 26, 2007

Star Days in Chattanooga

They streamed into the neighborhood in two long, snaking columns. I didn't even know they were coming, but as I fixed my breakfast this morning, I heard the grumbling and roaring as hundreds of motorcycles flowed down McCallie Avenue and into a parking lot just up the block for a Feed the Children benefit.

The dog and I wandered over and mingled with the crowd for a little while. The Star Touring and Riding rally, which lasts through tomorrow, has been going on all week and people are here from all over the country. I've seen smaller clumps of bikers rolling about town recently, but didn't know why they were all in town until today. I understand most of the visitors are staying over at the Choo-Choo, so if you're an admirer of bikes, head on over and take a stroll through their parking lot. It'll be a gorgeous sight!

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