Thursday, July 19, 2007

Links from the Tubes

The phone records of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey have recently emerged from the darkness, and everyone from Larry Flint to bloggers and reporters are having fun combing through the list. David Vitter (Republican Senator from Louisiana and great friend of Republican president wannabe Rudy Giuliani) is the latest holier-than-thou hypocrite to be caught with his pants down. Who will be next? Maybe you'll be the one to find him out! Check your favorite politician's phone numbers here!

Still planning your upcoming summer vacation? Have you lined up a trip from Point A to Point B and are now wondering how much longer it would take to add Point C to the mix? Via soundstripe comes the news that Google Maps has a new feature that will help you out!

And finally, maybe you've visited Cats in Sinks before (especially if you've ever gone trolling through my blogroll), but have you ever seen the likes of this beast?

1 comment:

joe lance said...

That guy is huge. (the cat) We all got a kick out of that picture. Trey said, "he's mad at me."