Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Holiday?

I hope yours was a good one. We had food and fun with fantastic friends, and there are tons of leftovers, so I don't have to shop or plan meals for the rest of the week! Yippee!

I haven't seen a professional fireworks display in years (we always spend the holiday at home with the dog, who is greatly troubled by the noise), but last night I got to enjoy many lights, colors, bangs and pops, thanks to our neighbors, who collectively must have spend a small fortune on pyrotechnics.


Scott said...

Leftovers? Dang! I knew I should have had the burger AND the brat! We had a great time, thanks for having us.

Also, our house is a sound vault! We hardly heard anything, but when a neighbor came over @ 10 pm and I stepped outside, it sounded like downtown Baghdad!

Perhaps the precious pup should come over here during the 4th for the sake of her nerves.

alice said...

It was fairly quiet here in the house, too. I went for a quick swing through the neighborhood, just to see what the holiday energy is like here in the HP. As far as the leftovers are concerned, come on over! There are still a couple of brats left (the burgers all all gone, though)!