Sunday, July 1, 2007

Good Eats

G-Dog and I went out last night for our anniversary (if you're wondering, our marriage is old enough to drink in the US, but not old enough to serve in the US House of Representatives). We had dinner at St. John's Restaurant, which was wonderful. We really should eat out more often, as it's not only just plain fun and yummy, but it also inspires our cooking when we get back home.

For the record, I had some sweet potato agnolotti (with coppacola, ramps and 3-year gouda) followed by the the Yamamoto Kobe beef Zabuton steak (with ginger marinade, potato puree and chipotle pepper relish), and DH had the roasted quail breast (with Brad Swancy's organic grits, rosemary cured bacon and pecan-maple sauce) and the Broken Arrow Ranch antelope (with bulghur wheat, wilted arugula, almonds and raspberry-whiskey sauce). All with a MacMurray Ranch (as in Fred MacMurray, btw) Pinot Noir. Awesome.


MrPeabody said...

The St. John's is good eats.

Laurie said...

You should go to the meeting place that they own next door. It's downscale, but the food is just as good. Tuesday is usually shrimp and grits for the special (if you can ever eat shellfish again). Anyway, it's one of their best dishes. That and the gnocchi. Mmm. I wish I wasn't on this ********** diet.