Monday, July 30, 2007

Cinema, Football and Late Night TV

As I drove home this afternoon with NPR on the radio, I heard about the deaths of Ingmar Bergman, Bill Walsh and Tom Snyder, all lost either yesterday or this morning, the latter two of leukemia. What a rough beginning to the week.

Walsh's Superbowl victories came along right during the peak of my interest in pro football (the NFL lost me with free agency and the ever-expanding rosters that include an increasing number of physical freaks, instead of the athletes who used to rule the game), so he was one of the last coaches I really enjoyed watching in action. He was a real class act -- one of those quiet, understated greats, like Björn Borg or Martina Navratalova, who could be intensely competitive without making a lot of noise about it.

And I think I'll be most sad to lose Tom Snyder, who not only entertained us when we were up too late (and brought us some ground-breaking interviews), but also gave us Dan Aykroyd's Snyder impression, which is an institution in and of itself.

UPDATE: some highlights.

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