Sunday, July 1, 2007

Al Gore is a tease

The suspense is killing me (he is winning in New Hampshire and can be found in today's New York Times).


sravana said...



newscoma said...

Yes he is.

I'm holding my breath.

And I'm re-watching An Inconvenient Truth tonight.

A collective sigh from the west of the state.


sravana said...

I just bought a "re-elect Al Gore 2008" bumpersticker online. :) :)

That should really freak out the parental units when i show up in CO with that on my car! LOL

(I hope I don't get shot in CO for that... perhaps I'll wait until I'm safely back in Austin before I put it on my car... after all, I'll be driving to CO by myself...)

alice said...

I wouldn't worry about it. My car is festooned in political bumper stickers and the only response I ever get is very positive.