Saturday, June 30, 2007

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Rates

I got this from Big Stupid Tommy, who stands a much better chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse than I do. My biggest problem, zombie-wise, is probably that I don't keep more weaponry around the house than I do. I answered the questions honestly, and maybe even scored higher than I could have -- if there had been any questions like this one, I'd be screwed: "if you were being chased by zombies, would you pull out your camera and try to take pictures?" Because, wouldn't it be cool to get photos of zombies? That would be the best Friday Creature ever!

UPDATE: G-Dog came in at 35%, so apparently the whole household is doomed to go out in the first wave (hey! Don't we get any points for having the fearsome beast?!?). I guess we're all going to have to head for Big Stupid Tommy's. I hope he has plenty of firepower.

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