Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm just about done with Spain photos, so I'll wind things up with just a few images that pleased me, but didn't really fit into any of the groups I've posted so far.

This first one is pan con tomate, a common appetizer/tapa/sidedish, especially (I'm told) in Catalonia. This version of the dish was particularly good, with a nice crusty bread, drizzled in olive oil and rubbed with tomato. It came alongside a bowl of gazpacho, which became my favorite lunch on the warm days when we were doing a lot of walking (it's very cool, light, hydrating and refreshing!).

And here is G-Dog underground in Madrid's Metro system. I like the lights and the curves in this picture.

I assume this ("Boycott Mercadona. Something Smells Rotten") has something to do with current labor problems at the Mercadona supermarket chain.

And finally, I simply thought this was a really cool looking dude, reading a paper in a café at the Thyseen -- he has an iconic face, and his hair, skin and clothes both blend and contrast well with the surrounding hues.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I like the photos. How do you dare take photos of strangers like that? I'm afraid of getting caught, and then of invading their privacy if I publish the picture.

alice said...

Hrmm... I've seen photos published in the press of "unidentified" people. And unlike them, I'm not making any money off the images. And while the standard is subjective, I wouldn't publish an unflattering picture of someone without asking first. I guess however you slice it, though, it does come down to rationalization.