Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Creature

¡Perros de España!

¡Tenga un buen fin de semana, y disfrute la arca de viernes!

UPDATE: check out Emmie's own Friday Creature post! Ya gotta love penguins! ;-)


sravana said...

#6 needs a hug!

Is #7 really a 2-legged dog?

I **love** #8's hairdo! Very cool!

#9 is a little old doggie - I want to scoop him/her up and give him/her a treat!

Thanks *so much* for this travelogue, Alice - complete with the most important part - the *dogs* of Espana!

alice said...

#7 is a four-legged dog -- he's just moving so fast that his back two feet didn't show up. And you're right about #6! He seemed to have his poor, poor pitiful me expression very well rehearsed.

Thanks for the feedback! I had lots of fun pulling it all together.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Fun dogs!

Also, DD's penguin pictures were great!

MrPeabody said...

#6 looks like he needs a drink of water...