Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Creature

Last week, I posted a picture of a baby duck the kids at the family gathering rescued from a cat. Just a little while later, one of the kids found this baby bird under a tree. The reunion was starting to take on the air of a Discovery Channel special.

The bird was whisked off to the kitchen of my brother's farm house where she (or he) was given something to eat. As you can see, she had no problem letting us know when she was hungry.

The first Friday Ark of the summer is up! If you want to see more creatures, head on over there!


sravana said...

How is the baby bird doing now?

I love that first pic - someone looks mightily pissed that they fell out of the nest.

joe lance said...

Is that a starling hatchling? My sympathy is tentatively somewhat dampened.

alice said...

I'm not sure what kind of a bird it is. I have zero experience identifying hatchlings. Unfortunately, despite heroic efforts that included around-the-clock hourly feedings, neither the bird or the duck survived.

~Tim said...

Too bad they didn't survive, even if it's no big surprise. Those are really nice photos though.

elvis drinkmo said...

I kind of like Starlings. I know they eat more than their fair share of seed, but I guess they're just trying to survive like everything else.

These are great pictures, Alice. Sorry to hear they didn't make it.