Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We spent an evening in Barcelona at Port Vell, the harbor at which La Rambla terminates, and Barceloneta, the nearby Mediterranean beach. Walking along the water's edge, we passed by this building, "Homentage a la Barceloneta," which was designed by Rebecca Horn.

The giant fish is Frank Gehry's "Piex." It's hollow and made of copper wire.

Not far beyond the Piex is Barcelona's Olympic village, but by the time we had worked our way down that far, the sun was too low in the sky for a decent picture. I did get this photo of a marina that sits nearby, though, thanks to the cool lighting.


fletch said...

Awesome pics. The first one looks surreal, like something you would imagine and create in Photoshop.

alice said...

The building in that first one really amuses me. I like to quickly scroll the image up and down, making it look like a cartoon.