Sunday, May 6, 2007

Upwards failure

Bush's ratings have fallen into the 20s. What does it mean?
Sustained polling in the 20s would mean he has lost the support of his party's mainstream, and that all he has left is the Christian nationalists and rightwing extremists.

If the president loses mainstream support, Republicans in Congress, especially the 21 out of 48 GOP senators who are up for reelection in 2008, would be compelled to abandon him in order to save their own skins. In desperation to distance themselves from him and their well-earned "Rubber Stamp" label, they might vote against him on the war and become more aggressive participation in oversight and investigations.

George W. Bush has lived a charmed life. From his youth until the present day, however, he has wantonly squandered his advantages. And yet, instead of suffering consequences for his failures in military service, business and government, he has been rewarded with money and power, time and time again. No one has failed as far upwards as he has.
But oh, how the mighty are falling.

Do you think Babs is still proud of her little boy?

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