Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hurricane Season already?

An alert Jamison points out that it sure looks like it. There's more here.

UPDATE: more from Jamison and from Trish.

And now it's an official early start to the season.


sravana said...

I was just at that national weather service tropical storm website yesterday: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

after noticing that spiraling thing off the coast. There was nothing concerning it... but just now there is a notice, a "Special Tropical Disturbance Statement".

Life could get really interesting on the east coast, huh? I'm wondering what the Gulf will be looking like in a few weeks/months.

When is Hurricane Season supposed to start, anyway?

alice said...

According to the NHC, the Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st.

Jamison said...

Since they started raising our insurance rates here on the East coast, I've gotten religious about following Hurricanes and their development. I have the NHC on my critical RSS feeds.

joe lance said...

I saw the special disturbance msg too. I'm used to the NOAA feed being silent until after Jun 1.

fletch said...

Just great. I've got a trip planned to the Carribbean the last week of May. I thought I would be safe.