Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Creature

This is Slithery the corn snake and he lives with this boy. I visited them last week, but Slithery wasn't feeling at his best. You can tell, from his cloudy eyes, that he's getting ready to shed his skin.

But when I went back several days later, (with my new camera -- thanks Fletch! I owe you a cup of coffee!) he was feeling much better.

He was looking like quite the dapper fellow. But he was feeling hungry.

When he saw a mouse, he was quick to pounce.

He then strangled his prey.

And then swallowed it whole. It was quite the impressive performance.

Have a wonderful weekend! More creatures of all shapes and sizes are waiting over at the modulator's ark!


Benjamin said...

Great pictures Alice! You put the whole thing together really well! Later today I will post another blog with some of our pictures of Slithery.

fletch said...

I just happen to be sitting in the Stone Cup sipping some joe as I read your post. I just knew something was different about those later pics. I'll be in town tomorrow. If you wanna take some some big bad ass white L lenses for a spin lemme know.

daniel said...

that mouse looks way big for that snake. wild stuff.

Keera said...

Congratulations on the new camera, Alice!