Sunday, May 6, 2007

Back, again.

Well, I awoke this morning to no internet. Again. But this time, I also had no cable TV, and there was a wire lying in the road that looked like it should be connected to my house.

Since there was also evidence that someone (the power company?) had very recently been through to trim the trees, the scenario probably went something like this:

1. When the trees were trimmed, a limb that was holding the wire up was cut down.
2. Without the limb there, the wire sagged down a bit lower than it should.
3. A tall truck drove by, hitting the wire and ripping it off of the side of my house.

I gotta give Comcast props for this one. They sent a guy out on a Sunday who was very nice and got everything reconnected. He also hooked it up to a different pole so that my cable wiring no longer dangles over the road.

So, what'd I miss?

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