Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wow! Stem Cells Cure Diabetes!

Yeah. It worked.

Unfortunately, Bush is still being a dick about stem cells (though, just to be clear, in the case of the above-mentioned treatment, I believe the patient's own stem cells were used). Hopefully John Sununu will resist the dark side.

UPDATE: The Senate passed a bill, and it's very careful to specify which stem cells can be used.


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Ed said...

Adult stem cells and placental/umbillical stem cells are non-controversial. As far as I know, no one has a problem with their usage - there's no ethical dilemma. Thus far, every single usable treatment using stem cells uses adult and placental/umbillical stem cells. There are no treatments using embryonic stem cells even on the horizon and researchers looking into embryonic stem cell treatments all say that we're looking at 10 years or more before anything is available, if it ever is. Right now, tests of embryonic stem cells have resulted in tumors and uncontrolled tissue growth (cancer).

If your point is that Bush needs to change his tune on stem cells, then you'll need to find some other evidence, since the story you point to actually bolsters his case - that adult and placental/umbillical stem cells are the way to go.

The other issue that never really gets mentioned here is that if embryonic stem cells actually have the potential people claim they do, why aren't companies all over this? There's a fortune to be made here, right? Or, perhaps that's why companies are actively doing research into other kinds of stem cells - they are more viable and have a greater chance of success without many of the complications.

It's not illegal to do experiments or research with embryonic stem cells - it's just that the federal government can't fund it unless the cell lines come from the (admittedly small) number of approved cell lines.