Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Update

Well, I'm quite the slacker, aren't I?

I hadn't planned on taking a blog break, but that's the way it worked out. I flew up to western New York on Thursday to spend a long weekend in my hometown. Saturday was my father's 76th birthday and I got to be there for the celebration, along with my sister, her hubby and two teen girls, and one of my brothers, his wife and daughter and son.

It was great in every way to be there. This was my first visit since flying up for my mother's memorial service in November, and the whole family (including the extended kin) was there for that. While healing, it was a very frantic, chaotic and overwhelming visit. This trip was relaxing, calm and quite the relief. We shopped and cooked and rode bikes by day (one afternoon, I also filled in on phones at the office), and enjoyed good meals and fellowship in the evenings. There was a bit of wifi action, but I wasn't inclined to leave the warmth and conversation so that I might hang out in a dark corner all alone with my laptop.

The weather was insane. Before the first photo, I want to remind everyone that it's the middle of April. Remember the elementary school rhyme, April showers bring May flowers? Well, no, not so much. We got snow.

And then more snow. It was already snowing when I woke up on Sunday morning, and kept snowing, without pause, for the rest of my visit.

I flew out of Rochester on Monday at about noon and the view out the airport windows was not at all comforting. I honestly expected to get a bonus day added to my trip, courtesy of the lousy weather.

But I did make it out, and from there, I made a connection at DC National, which was not in much better condition. My flight out of Rochester was on time, but because of brutal winds, DC was all backed up and I ended up spending the better part of my afternoon there (my time was split between hanging out in the terminal and sitting on the runway). It was a bit gloomy. And I spent most of my time sitting next to a woman who smelled like fast food french fries (is it possible to buy that as a scent?).

By the time I made the descent into Chattanooga, this view of Lookout Mountain and Moccasin Bend was a very welcome sight. When I deplaned, the sun and warm air felt so good.

Today was mostly a recovery day. I worked from home and started to get caught up. The only real excitement all day was provided when a neighbor's car burst into flames. The fire department was summoned, the flames were snuffed out and no one, thankfully, was hurt, but I think the car is maybe going to need a little work.


Buck said...

Hope your father is doing well and keeping himself occupied. He is so fortunate to have a loving family and I won't even pretend to be able to imagine the extreme loneliness he must feel from time to time.

If you find a company that makes the fast food french fry perfume let me know. I would like to purchase a couple of bottles for my wife ;-)

alice said...

Thanks, Buck. He is staying busy -- he still spends an impressive amount of time at the office, plays tennis a couple of times a week, and eschews the car in favor of riding his bike to work every day.

Keera said...

I'm glad you had a good visit, considering.

Funny thing about your weather: It made it here after it was done there. Yesterday (Friday) I woke up to snow and on my walk to work, saw tulips surrounded in white. We had a mix of sun and snow throughout the day and it hailed a bit on me on my way home.

April, not March, is the month of battle between Spring and Winter.

alice said...

Every once in a while, when the jet stream gets to blowing in the right direction, one of these weather systems just circles the globe, huh?