Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rock Star Fundraising

Barack Obama finally reported on his fundraising efforts, and he did almost as well as Hillary, but pulled from a much bigger pool of supporters. How much longer will he be able to claim to be the underdog?


Jamison said...

I sort of feel sorry for him, by beating Hillary she's going to turn the DLC attack dogs on him. He's going to be stuck between the DLC and the Republican party like Dean. Tragically he's yet to prove himself to be a substantive candidate that Dean was. I'm afraid it's going to end badly for him. The good news is that it dispels the possibility that HRC will just crush her opponents with her cash advantage and become the inevitable candidate as she had hoped. The next 9 months are going to be very, very interesting.

alice said...

It seems as though all of a sudden in the past week or so, everyone is comparing Obama to Dean. Is it just the fact that he's doing well without the help of the DLC? (there's a shocker -- who besides Bill Clinton has ever really gotten much of a boost from them? -- and come to think of it, with him, I'm not sure if they were boosting him, or if he was boosting them.)

On a side note, when I saw "HRC" in your comment I didn't think "Hillary" at first, but rather "Human Rights Campaign."

davidm. said...

I remain optimistic about Obama. So far, the guy seems legit. My biggest complaint is that he seems a little lacking on a specific platform, but we aren't anywhere close to primaries. I've been really impressed that his fundraising has focused more on the amount of donors as opposed to the amount of money he receives. This of course could just be a ruse, but I like that he puts people before the dollar signs - even if in theory.

Jamison said...

Actually Hillary's people started the Dean comparison hoping to link it to Dean eventual flame out caused by corporate media repeating Republican talking point on the matter. Honestly Obama reminds me more of Clinton (Bill that is), Clinton just had more substance.

Actually the one thing that both Edwards and Obama prove is that the age of the corporate Democrats (DLC) is coming to an end. Democrats can actually match the Republican corporate money machine with people power. HRC's campaign is a nothing but a relic of the Republican model of politics. I was listening to NPR last night and they were talking how proud Terry was that he'd managed to build a fund raising structure based off the Republican model that Bush used. Completely out of step with what Democrats and Americans for that matter want to see happening. We are actually seeing a defacto move public financing of campaigns on the Democratic side of the fence. People are doing it one donation at a time.