Monday, April 9, 2007

Rock Star Fundraising Redux

First it was Barack Obama, and now it's Al Franken who is raising big bucks -- bucks that he'll use in his run for the US Senate next year. It'll be nice to see a candidate giving troglodyte Norm Coleman some serious competition, especially now that Coleman is finding himself increasingly out of step with Americans who are no longer drinking Karl Rove's koolaid. At this point, the talking heads seem to consider Franken the favorite in the race.

Future Senator Al Franken?

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fletch said...

Way to go Al. On a bummer note, Sam Sedar's Air America 9am-noon show got yanked, replaced by some unknown starting next week. Sam is a blast. I don't understand why they don't leave him alone, but I don't see the ratings or have major bucks invested either.