Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Republican Family Values

Well, it looks like yet another Republican is poised to go down in a blaze of scandal (I remember the good old days, back when there were some honest Republicans running the country... but apparently one very bad apple really can do a number on the rest of the bushel).

This time, it's Rick Renzi and he's mixed up in shenanigans that include a shady land deal, legislation favoring a contributor, and special favors from the Justice Department. He's already had to give up committee work and he may well lose his seat in the House. If you're trying to place him, he's the guy who has 13 kids, but still managed to find the time to canoodle on the floor of the US House with Katherine Harris before her infamous run for the US Senate and subsequent descent into insanity.

What a guy.

It's no wonder the Republicans are having trouble raising money.

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Jamison said...

It's so hard to pick which family values mean the most to Republicans these days. I thought you were talking about Randall "abstinence-only" Tobias getting caught up in Hookergate. It's so hard to keep up with all the illegal behavior and scandals that come from Republican leadership of the country. I use to believe like you that it was just a couple of bad apples, but I'm beginning to turn the corner on that thought and started to believe that it's what you always end up with if you let conservative ideology control anything. This is the best that they can do, the Republicans of old that we recall were the abnormal anomalies, not the Republicans we see today.