Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday Creature

Sorry for the late Friday Creature post! I completely forgot it was Friday (it's a holiday here at Chez 10K) until it occured to me to go check out this week's modulator's ark -- and then I realized that I hadn't made a contribution yet!

I've featured a Belgian Tervuren before -- last time, I shared a photo of a puppy who is the nephew of today's Creature. If I had to name this image, I'd call it "A Dog and His Ball." He's a champion flyball player who will tirelessly chase a tennis ball for as long as you are willing to keep throwing it -- the human always gives out first.

Have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

Zinger said...

Tycho is my teammate and pal, he loves my toy pheasant just as much as a tennis ball! Congrats on getting your Flyball Champion Silver title in Nashville. I'll be looking for you to get that gold title hopefully in May.