Friday, April 27, 2007

The Debate

Here are a few thoughts on the debate (and the transcript), which while entertaining (thanks, Gravel!), was, in terms of substance, a disappointment. I think one of the goals of any of these debates should be to get the candidates away from their canned talking points, and that didn't happen here. Perhaps the moderator needs to insist that the candidates actually answer the question being asked instead of responding with non sequiturs from their stump speeches.

I don't think anyone pulled ahead of the pack with this debate.

Bill Richardson -- is he losing his hearing? He kept leaning in and squinting when asked a question. He blew the Gonzales issue last week and his follow up last night was another fumble.

Chris Dodd -- he did a really good job. I imagine there are some people who didn't even know he was in the race and are now quite impressed.

John Edwards -- he just wasn't on his game last night. Perhaps he suffers because of high expectations. Before the debate, Elizabeth was (as usual) awesome when chatting with Chris Matthews.

Joe Biden -- he got the biggest (and only?) laugh of the night, and was also the most at ease. He was the only candidate who really seemed comfortable up there.

Barack Obama -- he was under a lot of pressure coming in. He has a lot to prove, and he hasn't done it yet.

Hillary Clinton -- enh. I'm so over Hillary. She is so freakin' professional, she will never, ever stray from her talking points. I'd love to see the real Hillary, but it ain't gonna happen.

Dennis Kucinich -- he's consistent, but I think Gravel stole his thunder a bit. He wasn't the only dove up there, but he is the most soft-spoken. (Did anyone notice after the debate that he was with a red-headed giantess?)

Mike Gravel -- wow. I didn't miss Al Sharpton as much with Mike Gravel in the game. He reminded me a bit of Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale, which probably isn't fair.

South Carolina State -- what a beautiful campus! Kudos for a great event, which showcased an impressive, historic university.

UPDATE: the results are coming in (via Daffodil Lane).

Who won the debate?
31% Obama
24% Clinton
14% Edwards
6% Biden
4% Richardson
3% Kucinich
2% Dodd
2% Gravel
13% Not Sure

Who lost the debate?
17% Gravel
12% Clinton
10% Kucinich
9% Dodd
9% Obama
9% Richardson
8% Biden
5% Edwards
20% Not Sure

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sravana said...

Thanks for the recap - it sounds deadly dull.

I, too, am COMPLETELY over Hillary, and Obama is a rock star, not presidential material.

I sure wish that Gore would jump in, before it's too late. We sorely need someone in the race who is REAL.