Friday, March 9, 2007

Uncomfortable Republicans

It must be tough to be a hard-core Republican these days. They've been forced into some very uncomfortable contortions as they try to justify a pardon for Libby when their ferocious attempt to take down a president is still a very recent memory. And, of course, their field for 2008 isn't looking all that hot at the moment, and what they've got waiting in the wings is even worse.

How hard can it be for the GOP to find a legitimate, serious presidential contender who's not an adulturer, let alone one who's a one-woman man (be honest -- is Mitt really a serious candidate?)? Even their supposed savior, Fred Dalton Thompson, has a divorce under his belt, along with the clich├ęd much, much younger second wife.

Family values, we hardly knew ye!


joe lance said...

It appears to me that Mitt Romney is indeed a serious candidate.

The speculation about Thompson's plans is interesting.

Jamison said...

I've never found Republicans to be overly moral when it came right down to it. They tend to be the more amoral whatever it takes to win kind of people. I think they'll pick a cross dress pro-choice Rudy because they think he'll win.