Sunday, March 4, 2007

Thank you, Ann Coulter

Her bizarre behavior has finally forced some conservatives to to admit that they're not as obsessed with homosexuality as James Dobson thinks they should be, and that maybe they're even tired of homosexuality as a political issue (via AmericaBlog).
At some point, Republicans will need to get over their issues with homosexuality. Regardless of whether one believes it to be a choice or a hardwired response, it has little impact on anyone but the gay or lesbian person. We can argue that homosexuality doesn't require legal protection, but not when we have our front-line activists referring to them as "faggots" or worse. That indicates a disturbing level of animosity rather than a true desire to allow people the same rights and protections regardless of their lifestyles.
Not a bad day's work for a professional pot-stirrer.

In other news, I had a pretty busy weekend, but some of it was fun. If you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine yet, you're really missing out -- I saw it Friday night and it was awesome. Now that I'm hooked up with the Netflix, I'll hopefully get to see a few other films that got Oscar nods...


Buck said...

If you have not seen "Babel" you need to put it next on your list.

me said...

I am giving Ann Coulter cash so that she will run against Littlefield! oh wait..... my bad... Can I give my coulter cash to Gore instead?