Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's getting to be a real problem here in Chattanooga. The trees have been spewing their sperm for over a week now, and we've seen absolutely no rain in that time. Cars and sidewalks and trashcan lids have all turned bright yellow. People can't open their windows. I don't suffer from allergies, but even I am feeling sinusy and hitting the visine pretty hard.

On the other hand, it's also breathtakingly beautiful out there. Everything is in bloom and color is everywhere. I walk down the street and encounter the sweet fragrance given off by so many wonderful blossoms.

A bit of rain would be nice, though. Just a nice, steady 30 or 40 minutes worth would be great, and having it fall in the middle of the night would be even better.


fletch said...

You sure you want a new camera? That pic is a real winner. I just got back from a short stroll in the Smokies. I don't recall seeing the all the different types of wildflowers blooming at the same time before. The early ones like hepatica and spring beauty are still blooming along with the trillium. It's a spectacular show.

Dear Daughter said...

Try being trapped in an apartment where they never turned my thermostat back on, so they only way to keep it from being unbearably hot in here is to keep the windows and doors open constantly!

davidm. said...

Did I miss Spring?

alice said...

Sorry, david, you did. We had a couple of days of spring a week or two ago. The temperatures were cool, it rained once. Then summer hit. Splat.

DD, just a few weeks left to go...

Thanks, fletch. It's those monkeys. If I get enough shots, there's bound to be a good one in there somewhere! ;-)

It's the strangest spring I've ever been through, so far. No rain, so much heat, and everything bursting to life at once. I'm a little overwhelmed.