Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Creature

I'm going to do something a little different this week -- a Before, During and After series of Friday Creature photos. These images follow the faithful hound through last weekend's grooming fun.
In the first shot, she's very hairy, probably suffering from the heat, and definitely having some trouble seeing beyond the tufts of hair sprouting around her eyes:

Then we see her in the middle of the process, looking like she has the mange. Her tails wags as she takes a break from the grueling sessions with the trimmer. Note that we have found her face:

And then finally, we find her in repose, relieved to be done with the trimmer, and waiting to have her ears done and for touchup with the scissors. She's cool and comfortable, she can see now, and we can make out her huge brown eyes, but alas, her legs now look like chicken bones. We've discovered under all that hair was a much smaller dog:

That's it for this week. If you don't feel sated, head on over to the Modulator's Ark for a veritable smorgasbord of creatures! As always, have a great weekend. And if you're in the Northeast, please consider sending us some rain! You guys have been hogging it long enough! It's our turn!

(BTW, I think our 8-year-old Wahl KM-1 trimmer has had it. If anyone out there is knowledgable about such things, I'd love your recommendation as I shop for a new one. I'm thinking I'd like to go cordless this time around...)


fletch said...

In the bottom pic I think she's saying "I don't get mad, I get even".

Scott said...

Awww. I like her curls. Oh well, they'll be back in just a few days!

alice said...

Maybe I should sleep with one eye open?

At least until the curls come back, anyway...

Keera said...

Whoa! Gorgeous dog! I didn't know her eyes were so huge. Sorry. I guess that says how often you give her a trim. ;-)

alice said...

I call them her big, brown pools of manipulation. ;-)

Keera said...

I'd love to be manipulated by those pools!

sravana said...

Well, I can speak with some authority about clippers!

Get thee to and see what's up there.

I have two trimmers, a single-speed Andis plus which is more heavy duty, and good for using with snap-on combs to get the body and legs even, and a Wahl Moser cordless which I lurrrve. It's much quieter and lighter, and it has one blade which is adjustable from a #9 to a #40 or so. I usually use it at a #15 or #30 on the face and feet, fwiw.

I like petedge, I had to return some stuff once and there was no problem (I bought a fancy clipper that got WAY too hot). The nice thing about the Moser is that it stays pretty cool - but I don't know how long it would last if you were doing whole-body clipping with it.

Do you have any extra clipper blades from the Wahl? or did it only have one blade? Because the Andis I'm speaking of takes the various sizes of clipper blades, and if you had those with the Wahl, they would work with the Andis

any other questions, you'd better just email me, since I'm not getting around to blogs so much these days.