Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy Weekend

It's been a hot, dry, busy weekend here in Chattanooga. I was up early on Saturday morning for the reorganization of the local Democratic Party. And then after lunch, G-Dog and I drove down to Scottsboro, AL to visit Unclaimed Baggage.

It was a beautiful day for driving around in the rural south. The dogwoods, forsythia and numerous spring flowers are in bloom, so the roadsides were filled with color. The drive took us beside and across Nickajack Lake and then all along one of the tendrils of Lake Guntersville.

There is one very incongruous feature of the landscape along the trip that I always find jarring in the midst of the bucolic countryside. Along the right side of Hwy 72 North near Hollywood, FL, the twin towers of the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant rise up out of the hillside looking as though they'd been dropped from a spaceship into what otherwise appears to be old country farmlands and forests. I wonder what will become of the towers -- after an investment of $6 billion, they were abandoned without ever generating a single watt, though they may now be on track to become water reactors.

Today has been more mellow, but stuff is getting done. I shaved the dog (finally! this was her first haircut since before Thanksgiving and she needed it!) and then she and I went for a walk (it's hot out!). I've done some laundry and we're still working on the bookshelf project that started last weekend. It's been nice to hang around the house today.

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