Tuesday, March 6, 2007

2008: Gore v. Huckabee?

You all know why I hope Al Gore will run (he's the right man at the right time) and why I think the current Republican front runners are doomed (Republicans won't be able to stomach McCain, Romney, or Giuliani because they are, respectively, too old, too Mormon and too much of a slut). But what about Mike Huckabee? He's got a few problems in his past (he raised taxes in Arkansas, had a few ethical lapses, and paroled a rapist who moved on to murder), but he also had an Oprah moment when he lost over 100 pounds and started a fitness program in Arkansas. Salon.com featured Huckabee yesterday, and I'm thinking he could be 2008's dark horse candidate.

First, Huckabee is a good, conservative christian man.
Before becoming governor in 1996, he served for 12 years as a small-town Baptist pastor. He is unassailably antiabortion, anti-gay marriage and sympathetic to creationism. He pushed for a law in Arkansas that allows for covenant marriage, in which spouses sign a contract agreeing not to divorce unless there is abuse, a felony conviction or adultery, an agreement Huckabee calls "a positive pre-nup." As governor he declared countless statewide "days of prayer" and has written several books that explain the importance of God in daily life.
But, he's not one of those really scary conservative christians that tends to put off moderates.
Huckabee speaks warmly of Democrats and even mentions the leadership of John F. Kennedy, who wanted to put a man on the moon. The former governor boasts of increasing spending on children's healthcare and education in Arkansas. He mentions the need for renewable fuels and music programs in schools.
And he appears to have mastered the "aw, shucks."
Folks, I stand here today knowing full well that I am probably not the first choice to be president on Wall Street. I am probably not the first choice among the people on K Street. I just want to be the first choice among the people who live on Main Street, out there in the heartland of America, who shop at Wal-Mart, who go to church, who hunt, who fish, who drive pickup trucks and listen to country music and follow NASCAR, the kind of people who are tired of politicians telling them what they want to hear rather than what the politician truly believes.
In the election, he could be a big problem for Democrats.
If I really know what it means to follow Jesus, it means no kid goes hungry tonight. It means no wife gets the daylights beat out of her by some alcoholic abusive husband. It means no kid lives in a neighborhood where he is scared to death of some child predator that is going to pick him up and carry him off. It means not one single elderly person has to make the choice between food or medicine.
And he's another kid from Hope, Arkansas. Can such a little town give us two presidental candidates?


smijer said...

If the conservatives get their way, the GOP candidate will be Huckabee or Romney. I think they will, and I think Romney will be the pick. Obviously, of the two, conservatives will want Huckabee - you could almost say that he is their Howard Dean (minus the fire). Romney, on the other hand - handicapped as he may be by his religion and his past stances adopted for the purpose of running for MA gov & now ditched - nevertheless, he has *message*. He has ties two three states (one of which is an early primary state). He has charisma, and traditional media "electability". You should have seen the RedState ultra-cons go ape-shit for him after his performance at CPAC. Hell, you should have seen his performance at CPAC. If I was a winger, I would have pledged there & then. I see him as the next Reagan - only when the country isn't necessarily in the market for another Reagan.

alice said...

I'll have to find some video. All I've seen from CPAC so far is Coulter's gaffe, but I'm sure there's more out there...

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