Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Worst Mayor Ever? Really?

Two posts about Mayor Ron Littlefield appeared on Chattablogs in close proximity to each other today. The first came from the anonymously-run, and offers a thoughtful critique of the mayor's plans to build a homeless campus in downtown Chattanooga. The second post, Ronny Littlefield: Our One Term Mayor, raises the issue of our city's curbside recycling program, which recently downshifted from a weekly to a monthly pickup. Complaints about the change are pretty common, and appear regularly on the internet and in the editorial section of our local paper.

These posts struck me in particular today because just yesterday I was made aware that 911 calls in Chattanooga do still sometimes go unanswered. It's unbelievable, I know, since if they didn't already know about it, just about everyone in the state became aware of the problem during Bob Corker's "campaign" for the Senate (I use the curly fingers because he didn't campaign so much as he purchased, but I digress...). And yet, the Mayor has apparently not made a priority of fixing our 911 Call Center. He's instead been fussing about his "legacy," and rolling back city services without any corresponding reduction in costs.

After suffering through the four years when Bob Corker occupied the Mayor's office and used his position to personally enrich himself, I was hoping that Ron Littlefield would deliver on his promises to focus on the community, "nourish the neighborhoods" and make this a better, progressive city. I don't know what happened to those promises, but we're certainly not moving forward as a city and Ron Littlefield's activities are making absolutely no sense to me. Clearly his mayorship is foundering. I hope he can shift gears, dig in, and give us some real leadership in the few years he has left. Otherwise, he may end up with a rather sad legacy, which could include people who died because no one answered the phone.

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