Thursday, February 8, 2007

Non-TWANS News

Yeah, TWANS (that stands for The Widow Anna Nicole Smith, which is how she was known on teh internets back in the day) is dead, and that's all the news programs will be talking about all evening. But here are some non-TWANS tidbits that you might have missed:

First of all... have you committed any abominations today? Chances are that you have. In their effort to protect marriage, Christian conservatives are slowly (and incoherently) backing themselves into a corner. They claim that they want to "protect marriage," but then why don't they support laws to punish adulterers and childless couples? Some think that it's because they're not really interested in protecting marriage at all, but rather want to get lots of ignorant conservatives to the voting booths, and scaring them into hating gay people is a really easy way to do it. Unfortunately, as they push their literal interpretations of isolated bible passages, they're turning themselves into terrible sinners, many of whom must now be put to death. Someone clear out the public square -- we've got a lot of killing and stoning to do.

And on a lighter, sweeter note, check out these fossilized lovers who were found not far from Shakespeare's Verona, locked in an eternal embrace -- they've been snuggling like that for 5,000 or 6,000 years (via Daffodil Lane).

And finally, the discussion about the recycling situation in Chattanooga (which I mentioned in a post yesterday), continues. I expect we'll be hearing a lot more on this subject before either Littlefield comes to his senses, or we get a new mayor who brings a fresh approach to recycling to our fair city.

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