Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hillary's jumped the shark

The prevarication and triangulation over her Iraq War vote is sucking all the energy out of her campaign.
[T]his response makes Hillary look like a politician, plain and simple, someone who slices and dices an issue of fundamental importance to avoid any blame and in the process disrespects the seriousness of the thing and loses connection with the everyday person who simply wants to hear straight talk and see genuine emotion.
Draft Gore -- sign the petition!

And then give this thought a turn or two: Gore Obama 2008.
Hillary can't touch this:

•February '07: Win Academy Award for An Inconvenient Truth

•October '07: Win Nobel Peace Prize for tireless efforts to raise awareness of global warming.

•February '08: Win California, Florida, New Jersey (& other) Democratic Presidential Primaries & lock in the nomination

•August '08: Victory lap at the Democratic National Convention; name Barack Obama as running mate

•November '08: Win, beyond the shadow of an interventionist Supreme Court doubt, the office to which the majority of the American public elected him in 2000.


sravana said...


Hillary's toast, and Obama will NEVER be elected president on his own. (see: not black enough!!).

though... gore/obama does rock.

Keera said...

No, not Obama as a running mate. 1) Veeps never get the spotlight, and 2) Obama is quite correctly not experienced enough to run for president, so why put him in a position to have to be president in case something happens?

You sure Gore/Clinton doesn't look good?

smijer said...

I like Gore because he is so smart, has a heart for the business & cares about the right things.

I like Obama, because he seems very authentic, contra Clinton - who seems to enjoy pandering and avoiding responsibility on past votes (see last weekend in New Hampshire).

Clinton has -what - 2 more years Senate experience than Obama? I don't think that makes a big difference.

Keera said...

Senate-wise, no, but Hillary's been in the White House before - and her husband knows the drill. Obama can't beat that.