Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Creature

Sorry for the late post today. I just got back from another road trip -- this one was up to Murfreesboro yesterday afternoon, where Emmie delivered a paper for a Women's Studies conference at MTSU this morning. There's too much going on back here today, so we didn't get to stick around as long as we would have liked, but the paper went very well and it was nice to get out of town and spend a little time together. But back to the creature...

Today's guest is a protest puppy. This husky was one of several dogs joining in on the jeering as Bush drove past during his visit to Chattanooga on Wednesday. I didn't see any dogs at all on the other side of the street. Less than a third of the country still has a positive opinion of Bush, and maybe that subset of people doesn't intersect with the portion of us who are dog lovers. Or perhaps the patriarchy just likes to keep their pets at home. Who knows?

Well, now that I feel like I'm just coming off a weekend, it's a real bonus to have the weekend stretched out before me. I hope yours proves to be relaxing and restorative. If you need a little extra zen, go check out the great variety of other creatures now gathering on this week's ark!


Keera said...

Amazing coloring!

sravana said...

simply. gorgeous. dog.

Thanks for the pic!

(oh, and about bushites either not having dogs, or not bringing them... my folks have 2 (IG and whippet), an they are *very* right wing.)


alice said...

Do the 'rents take them out, or do they tend to leave the pooches at home?