Monday, January 22, 2007

Today is Also Blue Monday

The most depressing day of the year. I hope yours didn't suck too much. (via Atomictumor)


Keera said...

I'm sorry the psychologist chose to designate January 22 Blue Monday, because that day already exists: It's the day before Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras).

As for singling out one day of the year: You can't beat Christmas for depression and feeling isolated and left out. As for singling out January: It's winter, and in the northern hemisphere that means little daylight and crappy weather. And don't people feel bad about their body image most of the year? I'm guessing the problem is actually January 1: The day we make our resolutions. Move that to May 1, and see if May 22 doesn't come with a let-down.

FWIW, I had a wonderful Monday January 22.

alice said...

I didn't know about the Monday before Lent, but apparently there are a few different Blue Mondays that I was oblivious to: wiki entry on Blue Monday