Thursday, January 25, 2007

Run, Al! Run!

You all know how much I want Al Gore to run for president reelection. I think the Democrats have got a good field this time around (and it sure is taking shape early!), but so far none of the contenders is shaping up to be the silver bullet that I'd like to see on the ticket in 2008.

Hillary would make a great president, I'm pretty sure of that. But I don't know that she'll make a great candidate -- she's awesome one on one, but on the stump, in front of a crowd, she takes on a bit of an edge that can make me cringe at times. And she's going to be constantly struggling to defend her early support of the adminstration's disasterous policy in the Middle East. Obama is a rock star, but I don't know if he's ready quite yet. Edwards is struggling to even be noticed at this point, and the rest of the cast is stuck in the wings so far. I know the media will eventually calm down (they might have to contend with an Obama/Clinton hangover after the way they've been bingeing on the top wanna-bes in the past few weeks), but once they do, will we have a candidate we can all rally behind?

I believe we already have that in Al Gore, who's been in the trenches for decades now, and has both the breadth and depth of experience we need to navigage through the serious problems, both global and domestic, that have developed during the Bush years. But will he run, and can he rise above what is already a formidable cast of candidates? Rolling Stone takes a look that the potential candidate as we all wait to see what he'll do:
Gore's biggest opponent for the nomination would likely be Hillary Clinton -- and no one in the current field of Democrats is better situated to capitalize on her weaknesses than Gore. In September 2002, just before Clinton and every other Democrat who hoped to run for president voted to authorize the war in Iraq, Gore gave a no-holds-barred speech inveighing against the invasion. "The chaos in the aftermath of a military victory in Iraq," he warned, "could easily pose a far greater danger to the United States than we presently face from Saddam."
Of course, everyone keeps talking about Hillary's ability to raise money, but even there, Gore might have a trump card.

Gore's deep ties to online activists could neutralize Clinton's greatest advantage: her fund-raising prowess. Gore retains a network of big-dollar donors from his 2000 campaign, and many of the party's biggest funders are reportedly sitting on their checkbooks, waiting to see if he enters the race. "If Howard Dean could raise $59 million on the Internet," says Carrick, "the mind boggles as to what Al Gore might do." Joe Trippi, who managed Dean's campaign, believes Gore could raise as much as $200 million on the Internet: "Gore may have more money than anybody within days of entering the race."
No matter what, it's going to be an interesting and fun race for the White House. The Democrats are off to an early start and the Republicans, who have no one lined up to take over for the increasingly hobbled Bush, are also looking like they might give us a show with a good-sized cast of characters. But if Gore could pull this off, it would be a happy year indeed.


Dianne said...

If he comes into the race I would support him! I think he could easily win!

sravana said...


I don't know if I could hold my nose and vote for *either* Hillary or Obama. She doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell in the South, and Obama, well, he's too inexperienced, period.


alice said...



sravana said...


I just finished the article (had to poke some folks w/needles this evening), and the only PROBLEM with the article is who they are quoting - assholes like Carville, Gergen, Morris, Luntz - for god's sake, those four has-been know-nothings are dinosaurs! At least they quoted Kos (who I can't abide, either).




Keera said...

I don't like Gore, but I'd vote for a guy who had the sense to say "no" to invading Iraq.

And what Sravana said.