Sunday, January 28, 2007

More on Minimum Wage

Cup of Joe Powell points to a Nashville is Talking thread about the minimum wage (be sure to read the comments to appreciate how R. Neal keeps hitting the ball back at the rationalizers -- oh, those pesky facts!) and then adds some interesting thoughts of his own.

Bob Geiger quotes Teddy, who in turn, quotes JFK.

And via Donkey O.D., Barbara Ehrenreich ventures into Washington State, which has the highest minimum wage of any US state, and discovers that the economy hasn't collapsed, as the Chicken Littles on the right predicted it would.
In fact, according to a January 9th article New York Times, Washington's economy is booming, generating 90,000 new jobs in the last year. Even business groups have stopped griping about the state's minimum wage. The article quotes a pizza store owner in the western part of the state: ''We're paying the highest wage we've ever had to pay, and our business is still up more than 11 percent over last year.''
Hopefully the debate will continue, and the Senate will revisit the issue soon...

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Dear Daughter said...

I'm just a dumb English major who doesn't know a thing about economics, but it seems like common sense to me that if people have more than 10,000 dollars a year to live off of then they'll be able to afford little extras, like going out for pizza, or shopping, which will help the economy. People who make no money aren't going to buy things, and our economy seems to be pretty well based on getting people to buy as much stuff as possible. So I'm really not understanding how the initial burden of businesses paying a little bit more is really going to cause an "economic collapse."