Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Creature

I'm not sure how many shorebirds I have left, but I've been avoiding the gulls/terns because it can be such a struggle to ID them. In fact, I was flipping through my Sibley Guide this morning and happened upon this intimidating little morsel: "Gull identification represents one of the most challenging and subjective puzzles in birding."

Nevertheless, I'm going to go out on a limb. After careful investigation, I've arrived at the opinion that this is a Laughing Gull. Now, let the corrections begin! :-D

Oh, but first! Check out the other boarders at the Friday Ark! And of course and as always, have a wonderful weekend. TGIF.


Adam said...

Wrong. That's a duck.

Keera said...

Looks like you got the identification right, Alice. This page has several pictures showing the same plumage as your bird.

Keera said...

By the way, nice bird, I like the details on the tail feathers. And good picture!

(Must learn to say everything in one comment.)

alice said...

Yay! I got one right! And that's some cool bird photography! It's a cool site and a great find -- I've got it bookmarked. Thanks!